All Commercial

All commercial uses’ permitted from automotive garages to contractor bays, this facility offers immediate occupancy.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Ample power available, 220 volt outlets 6” thick reinforced concrete floors and interconnection between bays available for expansion .

Heated Bays

Individually metered with independent control. This facility has been designed with extra insulation to help maximize energy efficiency. R-19 roof and walls.

Dual Overhead Doors

We toured many facility before designing this building and found most buildings have an overhead door on one end only. This causes a hardship as in order to get to the items in the back, all the things in the front have to be moved out of the way. Our facility has overhead doors on both ends. 12x12 and 14x14 to allow for access that prevents the “dead end” bay.

Private Storage

Our weather tight, heated facility provides for safe and dry storage. Our high bay access (18’) allows for storage for almost anything, including boats.

Interior Fit Ups

Interior fit ups are available to suit our clients’ needs. We offer design and construction to facility the process.

Outdoor Storage

Ample space is available for truck access and accessibility.

Separate Utilities

Electric and propane separately metered.

Owner On Property

We maintain one bay for our use so if you need anything we are right next door.

Contact Info

All-Use Facility
88 Thomson Road, Bethlehem, CT 06751
(203) 266-6943